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  • Newport Daily News: Vice President to help Salve honor Nuala Pell

    The Newport Daily News published an article on Wednesday about Vice President Joe Biden’s planned visit to Salve Regina University in August for the launch of  Nuala Pell’s leadership program: NEWPORT- Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will return to Newport  next month to help honor Nuala Pell. It will be the vice president’s second trip to Newport in four years to honor the Pell family. Biden, who was vice president-  elect at … Read More

  • Mercury: Can you hack it? Pell Center scholar says prepare now for cyber threats

    The Mercury recently interviewed Pell Center Fellow for Cyber Leadership Francesca Spidalieri about the reality of cyber warfare and the significance of cyber leadership in the United States. The interview is featured in this week’s Mercury and is available on local newsstands and online: NEWPORT- The National Security Administration’s snooping scandal has made it clear that our secrets aren’t safe on the Internet. But a threat to our privacy isn’t the … Read More

  • In anticipation of Biden’s visit, RI delegation praises Nuala Pell, Salve program launched in her honor

    Vice President Joe Biden will visit Salve Regina next month to join with Rhode Island’s congressional delegation, along with notable friends and admirers, in honoring Nuala Pell for her lifetime of humanitarian service and leadership. The event, hosted by the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy at Ochre Court on the evening of Aug. 22, will feature the announcement of the Nuala Pell Leadership Program in Public Service. … Read More

  • Where in the world will Edward Snowden go?

    Right now Snowden is playing the waiting game. The infamous NSA leaker partnered with WikiLeaks and filed for asylum in 21 different countries.  Currently camped in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, Snowden hopes to find a more permanent refuge from the espionage charges the United States have set on him. Here are the results of his efforts so far: Update: 8/1/2013 Snowden has been granted temporary asylum … Read More

  • In Remembrance: The Granite Mountain Hotshots

    Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate the freedom of the American people, made possible by the Founding Fathers. On Tuesday, 19 out of the 20 firefighters of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed battling the blaze in Yarnell, Arizona. The New York Daily News confirmed the names of the fallen firemen: Eric Marsh, Anthony Rose, Kevin Woyjeck, Chris MacKenzie, Scott Norris, Clayton  Whitted, Travis Turbyfill, Jesse Steed, Robert Caldwell, Dustin Deford, Sean  … Read More

  • Why I love PRISM (OpEd)

    There is no secret to what the nation’s newest political and ethical scandal is. Taking its name from a small glass pyramid that refracts light into a rainbow, PRISM has adorned the marquees of every major news program for the last week. Being uncharacteristically removed from this political scandal I decided that enough time had passed where I could sit down and get a thorough idea of what PRISM is. … Read More

  • The Human Side of Cybercrime (OpEd)

    What do cyber criminals, Greek gods, and Facebook have in common? They are all connected to “Zeus,” a Trojan horse malware program first identified in 2007, when it was used to steal information from the U.S. Department of Transportation, and that now may be lurking in a link on rigged Facebook pages. Along with phishing campaigns, Trojans are the principal method chosen by cyber criminals to attack users, allowing them … Read More

  • Edward Snowden: Civic Hero or a Government Threat?

    As everyone now knows, the NSA has had the American public under high surveillance with access to phone logs from Verizon and AT&T and access to other user information from social media platforms and internet services. Snowden, currently in hiding in Hong Kong, will be extradited back to the United States, but according to a report from NBC, it is a process that would take several months–and he still needs … Read More

  • Former Newsweek Bureau Chief Speaks About War Reporting post-9/11

    On Tuesday evening, former Newsweek Bureau Chief Scott Johnson spoke to the Pell Center community about his experience as a journalist during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Johnson had worked in France earlier in his career–it goes without saying that transitioning from Paris to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2003 was a drastic change. “I had never covered a war like this,” Johnson said about Afghanistan. His job now involved sitting in trenches in the … Read More

  • ILO Releases World of Work Report 2013

    The International Labour Organization released the preprint edition of the World of Work Report 2013: Repairing the economic and social fabric online on Monday morning. The 120 page report is divided into five parts: Overview of employment trends and projections Income distribution and middle-income groups across the world Role of minimum wages in rebalancing the economy Investment for a job-friendly recovery How to shift to a more equitable and job-friendly economic path According … Read More

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