• The Next Big Crisis – Student Loan Debt

    While a college education remains a worthwhile investment overall, the statistics are quite alarming. The average borrower now graduates with over $26,000 in debt, and only 58% of full-time students, who began college in 2004, earned a four-year degree within six years. Worst of all, in this lingering recession, many students are not finding the jobs that are necessary to repay their student loan debt. If graduates can’t find jobs, … Read More

  • Pell Center Fellow Cited in New Cyber Publications

    Francesca Spidalieri, Fellow for Cyber Leadership was recently cited in The Cyber Security Forum Initiative’s (CSFI) report “Senior Cyber Leadership: Why a Technically Competent Workforce is Not Enough.” This report suggests that while significant and necessary emphasis has been placed on technical skills needed within the cyber workforce, little attention has been given to the people that will lead the future workforce. It is leadership that must develop sound strategy … Read More

  • Weary Traveler: An Identity Stolen

    On December 31st an Amtrak train was departing Chicago Union Station and I was to be on it. Travel, as a necessity, is eased by planning and it is not uncommon for potential passengers to purchase their tickets in advance. Amtrak offers an E-ticket service allowing travelers to buy their tickets online and print them out at their leisure. It was a service I, too, had utilized multiple times. However, … Read More

  • Improving Cybersecurity for Companies in Rhode Island: A Path Forward

    NEWPORT, R.I. — The first RI Corporate Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise, held at the Pell Center on October 9th, was a major event for cybersecurity in a small state. Many industry leaders attended the exercise demonstrating their commitment to cybersecurity and their desire to build upon existing informal relationships to improve the overall security posture of the RI private sector. Today, the Pell Center released the After Action Report (AAR) compiled … Read More

  • Females ready for Infantry?

    Quantico, VA       The United States Marine Corps has recently enlisted four females to begin training with the School of Infantry at Camp Geiger, N.C. later on this week. This enlistment is part of an experiment which will aid to identify branches that can be opened up to females in the military.      The females who graduate the course will not receive an infantry specialty occupation or MOS if they … Read More

  • “Inequality” for some?

    Last night, the Pell Center at Salve Regina University hosted a free public screening of “Inequality for All” – Jacob Kornbluth’s award-winning documentary about former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and his lifelong effort to combat rising income inequality in the United States. The audience discussion after the film was lively, smart and engaged. Reich’s economic analysis, and the film’s presentation of it, clearly struck a chord with viewers. To … Read More

  • “Inequality for All” Documentary Screening

    “Inequality for All” is a film documentary that follows former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of the country’s widening economic gap. Reich distills the story through the lens of widening income inequality — currently at historic highs — and explores what effects this increasing gap has not only on the U.S. economy but American democracy itself. At the heart of the film is a simple … Read More

  • Upcoming Roundtable: Bullying

    The Pell Center will be hosting the next roundtable discussion and luncheon on Friday, November 15, 2013 from 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. in the Miley Hall Private Dining Room. The topic will be about bullying: Bullying is a problem at all levels of our society, from elementary school classrooms to NFL locker rooms (as the Miami Dolphins have experienced). In this roundtable, we will talk about questions like why … Read More

  • Newport Daily News: Salve’s Pell Center Adds Senior Fellow

    On Saturday, October 19, 2013, The Newport Daily News reported on the Pell Center’s latest addition to the fellowship program, Senior Fellow for Public Policy Joseph Grady:

  • Too Big to Fail Got Even Bigger

    We just reached the 5 year anniversary of the end of Lehman Brothers and the financial collapse of 2008. The real question now is, are we safer now than we were then? After 2008, a group of financial institutions in the U.S. were deemed “too big to fail”. What that basically means was that there are intuitions so huge and intertwined, that if they went out of business, the impact … Read More

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